Liz Chu has been playing on worship teams across Virginia and California for over 10 years. As a versatile pianist, vocalist, and percussionist, she loves to praise God with the talents God has so richly blessed her with. Aside from the worship team at church, she also leads worship at LOVE LA, which is a ministry bringing church to the people of Skid Row. She hopes to share these gifts and be a blessing to others as much as she can.
Soo Kim is an LA based worship leader and musician, asking God to bring His presence whereever He will lead. She has led worship singing and playing guitar or piano at various churches in the Los Angeles area, and is grateful for every opportunity God opens for her to see His glory. After a life of depression, relationship struggles, and addictions, when Soo was born again, healing came in the name and power and glory of Jesus Christ and she desires to share that same hope with those whom God brings together. As the message of truth in song and praise is shared, may God's name be lifted higher and higher to the heavens!
Angelo Francois is a believer in the love and deliverance of Christ. He is a “poetic soul” that shines and seeks to deliver peace, joy, hardship, struggle, triumph, love and freedom with lyrical expression. Angelo has been playing and performing music for over 20 years. When your gift is found and developed there is an understanding that your path and struggle was meant to understand the faith needed to accomplish your passion and share it with others. Angelo delivers himself in every aspect of his genre whether it’s on stage, lighting up the crowd with dazzling energy and character, or skillfully crafting out verses displayed in clever and soulful recordings.  “Every one walks away with something” is a motto, that speaks volumes in his pursuit of being the best at what he loves. Music is a constant study, and whatever style of music you play involves appreciation, and the commitment to reach evolution.